26130 Narbonne Ave. #124, Lomita, CA 90717

For Sale: $409,900 

Best Lomita Condo says it all!!!

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David Popelka
ph. depopelka@gmail.com
cel. 310.283.4970
fax. 310.534.0325
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Agent's Remarks On 26130 Narbonne Ave. #124...

Greetings Friends and Neighbors,
I hope this newsletter finds you and your family healthy and happy. You have my best wishes for a prosperous and happy month ahead. I am David Popelka, an experienced, professional and full time Realtor for almost 20 years with Century 21 Amber in Torrance. Over the years I have listed or sold over 250 Homes, Condos and Income Properties in and around the South Bay Area.
Welcome to 2020. We are entering a new decade. This is an exciting time with lots of opportunities but there is also a huge amount of uncertainty out there right now as well. You may feel some things are changing for the better or you may feel the change is in the wrong direction. Probably both viewpoints are correct to some extent. For me the best way to deal with change and uncertainty is to anticipate it and plan for it. It is better to respond than react.
There are so many changes coming up in 2020 for the housing market in California. New laws regarding statewide rent control, net zero energy building codes and allowing up to 2 additional units to be built on most properties will profoundly impact the Real Estate market. Ultimately, what those impacts will be is not yet known. It may be that the law of unintended consequences will really cause havoc here. More uncertainties!!! My view is that these new rules will make housing even more expensive and less available than it is today. Who can know for sure?
The best way to deal with all this uncertainty is to make a financial plan to buy and own your own home. Yes prices are high now, but mortgage rates are so low, possibly even under the rate of inflation. Take advantage of today?s rates with a 30 year fixed mortgage so you can be certain what your payments will be for the next 30 years. Now that is security! If you are waiting for prices to fall, remember that if interest rates rise you might make a higher payment for 30 years!
If you are thinking how to secure your family?s financial future, strongly consider purchasing Income Producing Real Estate. Owning Real Estate is a proven way to build real and substantial wealth, while producing a fairly steady stream of income, a tax benefit and a hedge against inflation. Take advantage of appreciation, depreciation and let your tenants pay down the mortgage so your family can gain financial security. Best of all, unlike stocks and bonds, you can have the income and still own the asset. You can still reasonably expect to earn a 5% to 8% return, usually with an extra bonus for mortgage pay-down, appreciation and depreciation. I own income property and I know I have reduced my taxes, insulated myself from the volatility of the stock market and secured my family?s financial future. Now that is security!!
Whether you just need some good information or you are ready to Buy or Sell a property, take the uncertainty and drama out of the deal and put my experience to work for you. I have bought and sold many of my own houses, I own income property, I have purchased property thru my I.R.A., I have flipped houses. I have done for myself the very things I am giving advice to you about. If I don?t know the answer to your question, I will find the proper answer for you. I promise to make your Real Estate Experience Fun, Exciting and Hassle Free! Call me now and let?s have a conversation about Real Estate, no obligation. Let me give you the information that is necessary for you to make the best decisions for your family. Call me now!
I Want Your Business ?.. I Will Work Hard For You
DAVID POPELKA (310) 283-4970
(Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed, Please disregard if your home is currently Listed)
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